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About Book Club


Join the TfL Book Club and get lost in a book on the go! #TfLBookClub


What can you expect?

For £4.99 each month, your TfL Book Club Membership will give you access to the TfL Book Club ebook Collection, a choice of three specially selected ebooks, brought to you by Hodder & Stoughton. In addition to this, members will have access to exclusive content such as author interviews, sneak-peaks of upcoming books and competitions. Plus if you devour more than one book a month, there will be special deals for members on even more Hodder & Stoughton ebooks.


How does it work?

On the 1st of every month, three new ebooks will be added to the TfL Book Club Collection. One ebook will be crime and thriller, one a must-read popular novel and there will be a non-fiction option, too.


Each month your membership renews automatically, and another credit will be added to your account. 1 month = 1 credit. 1 credit = 1 ebook.

Your membership credits can only be spent on the TfL Book Club Collection ebooks. These ebooks have been carefully curated by the Hodder & Stoughton team. Special deal ebooks cannot be exchanged for credits but come at great membership discounts with no obligation to buy. If you would like to purchase them, you can easily do so, using the card registered on your account.



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How do I read my ebook? Can I read it on the Tube?

Once you’ve purchased your ebook you can read it online through the TfL Book Club Library site or if you are offline, download the TfL Book Club ereader app and read anywhere, anytime – perfect for your London Underground or bus journey.


Once you finished reading your ebook, why not join the conversation about the books and book club on #TfLBookClub?


How long does my membership last?

Membership is monthly and will auto renew. It costs £4.99 each month. You can cancel your subscription at time and still access the ebooks you have purchased previously in your TfL Book Club Library.


If you’ve not used your credits but cancelled your membership, you can still exchange credits on the TfL Book Club Collection ebooks for up to 12 months.  We will be adding three new feature titles every month so you are sure to find something of interest.


If you don’t want to become a member but would like to read one of the TfL Book Club titles, you can still create a TfL Book Club account and purchase the ebooks available, usually at their full recommended retail price, but you won’t have access to the special discounts and author extras.



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